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Cutting back and keeping warm

Published 25 October, 2017

While the thick of autumn may seem like a quiet time for gardeners, there is still work to be done, much of which centres around cutting back, pruning, and generally tidying up. This autumn your customers may very well still be flocking to your garden centre or nursery to replace worn out tools as they find they’re making their autumn gardening jobs harder work. Here are a few products you can keep in stock and how they’ll come in handy for your customers this October:


Come autumn, there is an abundance of plants that need the attention of a good set of Felco secateurs, available in six different models. Climbing and rambling roses will need to be pruned once they’ve finished flowering and perennials can be cut back once they’ve died down.

Trigger lances and wheelbarrows

Autumn means leaves. Rather than letting all those leaves go to waste, keen gardeners will be eager to make leaf mould. A sturdy 90 litre Haemmerlin wheelbarrow, available in high density polypropylene or as a green epoxy powder coated tray, will make collecting them all up around the garden an easier task. For those with large gardens, an open corner can be dedicated to creating this nutritious mix, which is where a trigger lance comes in handy to spray the leaves and give them that all important moisture to aid their breakdown.


Our Clover range of bark products provide the ideal mulch to insulate plant roots over the winter, as well as keeping weed growth at bay. They are available in several different bark chip sizes, 0–6 (composted bark), 6–10 (mini chip), and 10-30 millimetres (decorative), all from sustainable sources. Not only do they provide insulation but they suppress weed growth and are an attractive mulch around flower beds and borders.