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Making the most of your water

Published 31 August, 2017

With August traditionally the hottest month of the summer, it is important to keep your plants well hydrated. However, by the very nature of being the hottest month of the year, it is equally important to make best use of the water available. This is where an effective drip irrigation system can make all the difference. Through a series of valves, pipes, and emitters, drip irrigation can save you on both water and fertiliser by slowly dripping water directly onto the soil on into the root zone.

To help you construct and maintain your drip irrigation system, we provide 16 millimetre standard porous piping, available in various lengths, from 15 to 100 metre rolls. Using the right tools will make easy work of setting up your drip irrigation system, which is why we supply 3 and 4 millimetre hole punches that come with adaptors for inserting drippers and connectors. For the easiest way to punch holes, try our quick cut tool, available in two models, both with a fully retractable blade. Making holes in saddles is straightforward with our twist punch, which can be used after the saddle has been installed. Lastly, for inserting fittings, drippers, or mini sprinklers into 3/4 or 4/7 tubing, we supply a specially patented insertion tool.

To ensure you make the most of your water, effective water storage is also key. Our corrugated steel tanks with Aquaflex PVC or butyl liners are approved for the storage of water for irrigation by the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Water Council. Liners are 0.75 millimetres thick and come with a 10 year guarantee. Supplied in kit form ready for on-site installation, these open top tanks should be erected on a smooth, level, concrete base at least 61 centimetres wider in diameter than the tank and not less than 10 centimetres thick. Matching permeable tank covers are also available for purchase.