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JFH Horticultural Supplies

Established over forty years ago, JFH Horticultural Supplies are a dedicated organisation committed to integrity, honesty and excellent service, specialising in moving your business forward with innovative tailored products to suit your requirements and the ever demanding needs in horticulture.

We focus on service and personal contact with all our customers whatever size and location across the United Kingdom. Our success is through the building of lasting working relationships with our clients. Our extensive range includes products from many of the leading horticultural manufacturers.


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Why Use JFH Horticultural Supplies

We are committed to understanding and attending to customers' needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


We are committed to take the lead in providing goods, services and solutions with a rapid response to help our clients grow.


Here to supply goods and service, today, tomorrow and whenever the customer requires them.


We work with you to achieve what neither of us can do on our own.


No false promises, no hidden costs. What we say is what you get and if we can't we will tell you.

ISO 9001 accredited

We are ISO 9001 accredited so you can rest assured that we are professional & trustworthy

Unique Product Sourcing

Continually providing solutions for our customers’ needs and problems.

Experienced Team

Helping you Grow today…Helping you Bloom tomorrow…

JFH are a family owned and operated company and have an amazing team of dedicated employees throughout our organisation. We have been on a journey which started out with Doug Hutchins who started to sell sundries after diversifying from the original landscaping and growing business which was founded by Joe Hutchins over 60 years ago.

Now boasting a truly unique family business with nine family members working within the organisation.

We think of our customers as our extended family, and want them to have the best. We feel it our duty to ensure through prudent long term business management practices and an eye on the future we have what it takes to be your trusted partner. Family takes care of its own – join ours, you’ll be glad you did.